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Friends of Støvlet Katrine

Kongebrohuset Bed and Breakfast

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Bed and breakfast in style in idyllic Sorø, within walking distance of the town centre and the historic buildings – (Kloster Porten, Sorø church etc.)
Situated beside Sorø lake, with a sailing club and a rowing club, with direct access to the park around Sorø Academy and paths around the lake.
Room 1 has an en suite bathroom and a 20 m² balcony.
Rooms 2 – 4 have double beds, tables and chairs and access to a large, shared bathroom along the corridor. Each room is about 10m².


Næsbyholm Castle

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Næsbyholm Castle dates back to the year 1585 and was built by Steen Brahe and Birgitte Rosenkrantz. But they only stayed there for a few years, since Birgitte Rosenkrantz died very young, and Steen Brahe chose to leave the Renaissance castle.
In 1709 the Castle was purchased by King Frederik 4. The King joined Næsbyholm Castle & Bavelse Estate.
The King’s mistress Charlotte Helene von Schindel moved into the castle, but after some years she fell in love with a local worker. When the King found out, he banished them both from the country.
It is said, however, that she returned to the castle after her death, and can sometimes be seen at night in search of her King…
The castle was partly burned down in 1932 and 1947 and both times rebuilt in the original style.
Næsbyholm Castle is now owned and managed by Morten Lund and Christel Winther.
The Castle hosts weddings, events, birthdays, conferences and much more.



Malling Inn

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Malling guest house was established in 1884, when the railway came to Malling. It was
Gotfred Jensen, landlord of Beder Public House, who built the new inn, which he ran until 1894. Today, Tina Schou and Rico Jørgensen own and run Malling inn.



Sorø Museum of Art

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The museum’s collection contains about 2300 works, spanning over 350 years of Danish art. Enjoy the dazzling array of paintings by the most important artists in Danish art history from the 1700s to this day. The museum also has two special collections of Russian art: Russian art from 1870 to 1930, donated by Hermod Lannung, and the country’s finest collection of Russian icons from 1500 to 1900, donated by Per Schroder, Hermod Lannung and Lorentz Jørgensen.


Køkkenets åbningstider
Tirsdag – Lørdag
Frokost 12.00 – 16.00
Aften 17.30 – 21.00

Alle søndage fra 5. maj til 30. september
Frokost åben 12-16

Søndag og mandag lukket, dog åben for selskaber.*

Vi beder Dem venligst oplyse os om eventuelle allergier eller vegetarer når der bestilles online.

Af hensyn til øvrige gæster og køkkenet beder vi jer komme præcist.

Forudbestilling er nødvendig ved selskaber over 6 personer
Kontakt da venligst restauranten pr. telefon
57 83 50 80

Restauranten har et begrænset antal pakeringspladser
Der henvises yderliger til parkering på kongebrovej dog undlad at holde på fortovet


Contact us

We are always happy to hear from our Guests. If you have questions or inquiries, you are very welcome to contact us:
Phone.: 5783 5080